Red Metallic Heart Bat

Red Metallic Heart Bat – Whipping / Spanking Crop

This is a sure way to get
to your submissive heart. With the heart shaped tip it is subtle but
powerful. Since the rise of BDSM many discipline objects are becoming
more and more popular. And pain has never felt so good. At 25½ inches
long it is mesmerizing but it’s sturdy structure gives you a feeling of
power, while you spank you or your lover into erotic ecstasy you can be
sure you will be satisfied with it’s effects and durability!







Manufacturer: Spartucus
Our Price: $24.99 
               Regular Price: $29.99   You Save: $5.00







Initial Genre: Bondage
Category 1: Whips
Category 2: Leather

Available online from Sex Toys Sex Videos Superstore

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