Voracious – Erotic Vampire Movie – 4 disc set

The cover alone will likely peak the interest of men and women. The back shows that this is not some random gonzo porno movie – it’s a feature film, one that men, women, and couples will likely enjoy. After seeing the photos one the cover I had to wonder how hardcore this might be, I mean I like erotic movies, but if I a, going to buy some porn, it had better have some real hardcore sex involved as well – otherwise it might as well be some (basically free) B rated crap on light night cable. Then I noticed that the director of this video is John Stagliano.
I can only assume that having John Stagliano as a director, that we will get to enjoy some great hardcore sex with nicely light closeups, along with some hot foreplay and scenes leading up to the sex that will make this an excellent feature movie. Seeing it comes as a 3 disc set makes me think they got a lot of great video here. Right now I am imagining this like a good erotic vampire movie, without the sex scenes being cut out – I could certainly see twilight or any other good vampire movie that kept full length scenes needing to come on four discs – I am really looking forward to acquiring this erotic feature movie for a possible Holloween screening with some naughty friends.


With a cover saying dripping with blood, sweat, and cum – this sounds like one wild, wet, and very erotic fantasy indeed!

Found this Voracious 4 disc set online for less then the $80 retail price at sex toys sex movies store.

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