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Sex toys! You;ve got to love living in this day and age, we have access to all kinds of different sex accessories, and many are using the latest technology to bring sex to a whole new level!

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For the ultimate sex toys action check these out from our partners:

The luv seat is way cool, very adjustable and can double as a work out bench! Click here to take a closer look at the luv seat from the compassion institute! It is well prices at only $500! Great bondage uses!

The sybian machine has many different attachments available for different needs! Click here to learn more about the excellent Sybian machine! Its less than $1500 with attachments!

We will also be happy to hear user opinions and suggestions for toys and stuff...

From our experience it takes different toys for different girls and guys - some girls like intense vibrator action on thier clit and some girls will not cum unless there is deep G spot vibration or pressure goin on. So explore and find out more about your self and your partner and get the right sex toys for the task at hand (or hands, or no hands!)

Also be sure to clean your sex toys with mild soap and water. It is not a good idea to share sex toys with different partners. There are some toys out there made of glass or silicone which can be washed in the dishwasher or boiled in water - for long term use spend the extra couple bucks and get one!



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