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This monthís Featured Flick - Ice T Pimpin 101

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This monthís featured film - Ice-T's Pimp'in 101 Click here to buy now!

Featuring Ice T his Pimpin 101 has rap star Ice-T comin' at ya with some of the finest hoes around! Includes a live performance from Ice-T. The Hip-Hop / Porn connection now on DVD for only $29.95 - Potentially the best seller of this year!

Get this DVD with Ice T - maybe the only pimpin, hoes flick youíll watch more than once. This video has it all - Ice T, hot hoes, and straight pimp shit from the master pimp himself - Ice-T.

Also featured this month fresh amateur porn with Jewel and Damon - complete fuck scenes and facials.

Coming next week - Amateur Interracial Couples porn from G.A.M.E. Video - Jamie and Liíon Lemone getting it with hardcore sex - their first time fucking on film!

Erotic-XXX-Shop keeping it real - First we bring you G.A.M.E. videoís raw uncensored first time fucking on film series, then G.A.M.E. videos fresh interracial couples series and now with the addition of Ice Tís pimpin 101 you know that we bring you the real shit.

Youíll watch these videos over and over again, more muff, less fluff - thatís what you expect from us here at the Erotic XXX Shop - we separate the good shit from the bad so you know films featured here you will enjoy. No more running back to the porn store complaining the girl on the cover wasnít even in the movie - we keep it real

Ice-T in pimpin 101 features the pimp himself showing how to pimp the carpet girl, the track girl, the escort the stripper and the wife. Ice T shows true pimps can keep it down on all these levels. This flick has a bumpiní soundtrack with Busta Rhymes, Ice-T, Amil and more!

You may have caught a glimpse of Ice-T in pimps up hoes down, but this shit is off the hook. Ice-Tís pimpin 101 brings you striaght into the XXX underworld without the censors. You get to see Ice T with all these bitches the way pimpiní is supposed to be. This shouldnít even be pimpin 101, it should be titled the real shit pimps up hoes down couldnít show. XXX rated, adults only pimp shit.

Ice Tís threads are off the hook in this flick.

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